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Open Balkan: Where Serbia Stands?

Open Balkan (OB) initiative has put regional cooperation on the front pages of Serbian media. In the complicated labyrinth of the regional cooperation structure in the Western Balkans, with dozens of specialized organisations, networks and initiatives, the new initiative Open Balkan contributed to the overwhelming confusion. Furthermore, it is perceived as an initiative strongly supported by the United States, which is above all its ambiguities additionally intertwined with the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue through the Washington Agreement 2020 between Serbia and Kosovo, a strange piece of art, involving bilateral relations of the two sides with Israel to make the whole endeavor even more bizarre.This is one of the reasons why there is impression that an implicit “race” has been going on between the Open Balkans and Berlin Process (Common Regional Market (CRM) in which the competitors have had different rules, tools and burden on their shoulders while running ahead.

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