About Us

Tirana Observatory is a quarterly magazine published by the Albanian Institute for International Studies (AIIS). This publication intends to provide  Tirana’s perspective on foreign policy, international relations, security issues, EU integration, democracy and economics.


Tirana Observatory Board of Editors

Nikolla Pano, Western Illinois University

Bernd Fischer, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

Eva Londo, University of Tirana 

Remzi Lani, Albanian Media Institute

Agon Demjaha, Professor, South East European University in Skopje

Franz Lothar Altmann, Associate Professor, University of Bucharest

Blerim Reka, Professor of International Public Law, International Relations and EU Law, SEE University

Ilir Kalemaj, Head of the Department of International Relations, University of New York Tirana 

Lulzim Peci, Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development

Diana Culi, Institute of International Studies, Albania




The views expressed on this journal are attributable to their individual authors writing in their personal capacity only, and not to any other author, the editors, or any other person, organization or institution with which the author might be affiliated unless explicitly stated so.

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